Yavapai College Chiller Plant

The Yavapai College Prescott Campus Chiller Plant is a central cooling plant that provides chilled water cooling to the entire college campus and dormitories.  It consists of two 40,000 lb. chillers, each producing 900 tons of cooling capacity and one 50,000 lb. heat pump which produce 900 tons of cooling plus hot water to supplement the central boiler plant.  The integrated control systems, through use of fiber optics and computerized data systems, integrate the plant with all campus buildings and with the Central Boiler Plant.  Prior to starting the chiller plant, the Central Boiler Plant was completely rebuilt and refitted with 2 state of the art boilers by Haley Construction Company.  The boiler plant now provides heating for the entire campus plus two swimming pools.

This project included complicated coordination of YC Facilities Staff and Control Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, our HVAC and Controls Subcontractors, Electrician and the Engineering and Design team through BIM Modeling. Other Capital Improvement projects included in this contract and run concurrently with the construction of the Chiller Building consisted of renovation of the Natatorium, renovation to the Kachina Hall Domestic How Water System, and Central Boiler Plant.